Friday, June 15, 2012

Tsavo's Canine Rehab Pulse Signal Therapy (PST)

Village Rehab - Tsavo's Canine Rehab Pulse Signal Therapy (PST).
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Do you know about - Tsavo's Canine Rehab Pulse Signal Therapy (PST)

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How is Tsavo's Canine Rehab Pulse Signal Therapy (PST)

Tsavo's Canine Rehab Pulse Signal Therapy (PST) Video Clips. Duration : 14.60 Mins.

We had a good read. For the benefit of yourself. Be sure to read to the end. I want you to get good knowledge from Village Rehab . PST is a non-invasive treatment that has been successfully used in human medicine in Europe for various debilitating conditions since 1994. It has just recently been approved for use in dogs and cats here in the USA. PST provides a specific physiological signal carried on a series of magnetic field pulses to the treatment site(s). These uniquely specific energy parameters are transmitted through injured tissue to target the affected area via direct induction. It induces a tiny electrical signal that mimics physiological stimulus that normally occurs in healthy tissue, thus stimulating cellular repair. In the case of damaged and/or arthritic joints, it stimulates the production of new cartilage. www.tsavoscaninerehab.comMore videos, shows, news, and events- Join ThatsSoGayLIVE's Gay Media Broadcasting Network and watch your friends, your community, creating a queer community portal and network Website: YouTube Channels & FaceBook: (look for logo) Twitter: This video is a compilation of video footage collected by Tsavo's. Editing by TSGL Video Production and ThatsSoGayLIVE Media Broadcasting
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