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Village Rehab - Khuda-Ke-Liye-13(Full-Pakistani-Urdu-Movie.
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Do you know about - Khuda-Ke-Liye-13(Full-Pakistani-Urdu-Movie

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How is Khuda-Ke-Liye-13(Full-Pakistani-Urdu-Movie

Khuda-Ke-Liye-13(Full-Pakistani-Urdu-Movie Video Clips. Duration : 9.98 Mins.

We had a good read. For the benefit of yourself. Be sure to read to the end. I want you to get good knowledge from Village Rehab . Literally translated, the title means "For God" in Urdu, although idiomatically the phrase has the same meaning as "For God's Sake" in English. Three different people from different continents have problems that relate to on going issues and Islam. Two brothers who are both singers, Mansoor (Shaan) & Sarmad (Fawad), become the best singers in Lahore. Sarmad becomes influenced by an Islamic activist. He begins to practice the extremist interpretation of Islam, grows a beard and goes against music, also putting pressure on his free-spirited family to comply. Those parties interpret certain verses of the Quran and Hadith (Islamic religious texts) to call for a ban on music and pictures. In England, a girl Mary/Mariam (played by actor-model Iman Ali) is a westernized girl in love with a white person called Dave. Her hypocritical father disapproves, despite the fact that he is living with a British woman to whom he is not married. He tells Mary that they are going to Pakistan for a trip and that once they return she can marry Dave. This, however is a trap. While touring FATA, he has her forcibly married to Sarmad, who is her cousin. Mary is then abandoned in FATA at her new household. Meanwhile, Mansoor goes to music school in Chicago. There, he meets a girl called Janie and instantly falls in love with her. She quits alcohol for him, and they eventually get married. After 9/11, FBI officers capture him when someone overhears a drunk man accusing Mansoor of being a terrorist ...
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